Traditional oven is standard in almost every rental home as well as apartment and even in homes. On the other hand, with advancements made in toaster ovens for the past few years, they're usually referred to as countertop ovens as they can take several of the same jobs as what traditional ovens can. Still, there are some definite differences between countertop toaster ovens and conventional ovens, which we are going to discuss later on.

Number 1. Size - among the most notable difference between toaster oven and conventional ovens are their size. The former may range anywhere between 1 foot to almost 2 feet. Many models can fit right on your countertop but, some could be mounted to hang underneath cabinets. This is extremely useful if you're living in a place with limited space.

Traditional oven however normally has inside capacity of 2 to 5 feet. A common model is freestanding oven which also features a stove. Another is built-in oven, which are positioned into kitchen walls. These can help on saving valuable kitchen space. Usually, they range between 2 feet to a bit over 2  1/2  feet wide. If you want to learn more about toaster ovens, you can visit

Number 2. Functionality - the toaster ovens come with different functions in which traditional ovens don't. Toaster ovens also come in 3 basic functions of toasting, broiling and baking. These can accommodate the functions of a conventional oven. For more advanced ovens, it is equipped with plenty of functions similar to defrosting, reheating, dehydrating, browning and roasting. In fact, some come with the option for cookie or pizza, to make baking your foods become simpler.

Controls may also include reheat, defrost, pre-set cooking and even full range thermostat. Usually, the thermostat runs below 200 to 450 degrees.

When it comes to traditional ovens, they normally come with broiling and baking options. Some of the newer models also have different broil settings and heat release functions. Others have time set cooking allowing you to leave the house and still know that when you get back, your oven have turned on and already baked the meal at just the right time.

Number 3. Cooking methods - best toaster oven are designed to quickly cook foods not just because of the smaller space they need to heat up but also, the heat is more concentrated. Often, they are convection or in other words, the heat is circulating throughout the toaster oven with the use of a fan.

Traditional ovens come with convection but not often. Mostly, they are heating from 1 or 2 elements but there's no fan that moves the heat around. Rather, the hot air is rising to the top of oven. Read under cabinet mount toaster oven reviews here!